Collective buying power provides covers of a standard and value that are unavailable in the commercial insurance market.

Surplus funds returned to members (over $35million so far).

Actively works to help members improve risk and lower contributions. The schemes operate as not-for-profit.

Stability of contributions – helps with budgeting.

Members first

LGMS is owned by and exists solely to benefit our Members.

The LGMS proposition is based on deep knowledge, tailored advice and service excellence ensuring the mutuals act in the best interests of Members and achieves the best possible outcomes for Members.

LGMS fosters the value of mutuality for the collective benefit of Queensland local government.

Specialist risks of Local Government

LGMS protects and manages the specialist liability, asset and workers’ compensation risks of local government.

The mutual schemes understand the Queensland local government risk and insurance landscape which enables LGMS to drive outcomes for and deliver coverage and risk management services tailored to the unique needs of Members. 

Collaborative & collective

LGMS operates collaboratively and collectively.

Through collaboration and a collective approach LGMS will bring the best of the schemes to our Members and assist them to deliver value and efficiencies to achieve the best outcomes.

Together Members are stronger and can deliver better outcomes. Shared goals and mutual support underpinned by an intensive and targeted approach to the management of our Members insurable risks are the key to our long-term sustainable success.

Results based

LGMS will be judged based on our performance and strive to be a significant contributor to the performance of Queensland local government.

Value proposition

The LGMS Value Proposition highlights the purpose, vision and value of the LGMS schemes as well as its commitment to the achievement of the shared objectives of Members.

The LGMS Value Proposition is available to Members at the online LGMS Member Centre.

Accountability & transparency

LGMS conducts all activities with complete and open transparency.

Through the LGAQ’s trusteeship and with a Board and Management Committee our Members have a real involvement and a say in how we operate.

Why the model works