Our Offering

The LGAQ established LGMS member owned mutual schemes to utilise the combined bargaining power of the collective to better withstand all claims and market cycles for the sole benefit of the Local Government sector.  A long-term strategy and commitment to the mutual model is critical to its success, without this commitment, Councils may again find themselves captive to a single insurance market and an inability to obtain the right cover, drive competitive tension and exert control over the outcomes to be achieved.

The LGMS mutual schemes exist for the sole purpose of providing Queensland Local Government with comprehensive covers (not otherwise available in the commercial insurance market), with a long-term goal of achieving cost stability and minimising the impacts of volatility in the insurance and financial sectors by avoiding direct dependence on the traditional insurance market.

Operational priorities have been adopted by the LGMS mutual schemes based on maintenance of cost stability for members and delivery of services specifically designed to assist councils reduce their cost of managing risk.