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Local Government Mutual Services (LGMS) are the mutual self-insurance schemes for Local Government in Queensland – LGM Liability, LGM Assets and LGW Workcare. The schemes have proven a successful vehicle for mutual ownership and control by Local Government of their liability, property and workers compensation exposures, and have ensured cost stability that would not otherwise be achievable. In addition to the broad cover available, each scheme provides a wide range of risk management resources and assistance to Members.

Established by the Local Government Association of Queensland (LGAQ), the LGMS mutual schemes remain committed to providing Members with comprehensive coverage, claims and risk management solutions they need to give them the confidence to navigate the evolving local government risk landscape.

Owned by Members, each of the LGMS schemes operate as a mutual to advance the interests of Queensland local government across the spectrum of property, liability and workers’ compensation risk.

LGMS works with its Members to jointly identify opportunities to minimise risks through the introduction of proactive systems and processes in the area of risk and claims management.  These services are available to all Queensland Councils reflecting our commitment to servicing the risk and coverage needs of Members.

The LGMS mutuals have a proven track record of delivering unrivalled value and mutual aggregation in local government and is a successful vehicle for providing Member Councils with liability, property and workers’ compensation exposure.

LGMS ensures Members long term cost stability of contributions that would not otherwise be achievable outside of the mutual schemes and remains committed to supporting and empowering our Members to better understand and manage their risk exposures.

1994 1998 2010 2015 2020
LGM Established LGW Established Regional Risk Coordinators Program established

LGM Assets established

LGMS established - banner under which 3 schemes operate

Returns to members of over $35 million so far 

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