Council information systems can be vulnerable to cyber-attacks, resulting in disruptions to financial and operational activities. Some Queensland councils have fallen victim this year to a ransomware attack.

The LGAQ is offering Queensland councils a free Cybersecurity Maturity Assessment enhancing comprehension of your cybersecurity risk and providing tailored recommendations to assist proactive management of your council's cybersecurity risk.

The LGAQ has engaged cybersecurity leaders Cybermetrix to conduct online cybersecurity assessments with all interested councils, starting in early November 2021.

Recently the LGAQ hosted a webinar to discuss this initiative which was attended by CEOs and Senior Management and you can view the recording here. LGAQ’s Chief Digital Officer Tracy Whitelaw was joined by JLT Senior Risk Consultant, Nick Rossmann, who spoke about why these assessments are so important in terms of cyber cover and risk management. Peter Maynard, Lani Refiti and Paul Russell from Cybermetrix, the external agency leading the maturity assessments also presented to the webinar audience.

If you would like further details please contact Tracy Whitelaw on

We recommend that LGMS members take advantage of the opportunity to better understand their cyber risk maturity by participating in the online cybersecurity assessments.