New member query library articles now available


One of the services we provide to you, our members, is to advise on the issues you’re dealing with in your council. Where a response is one that may be of use to other member council, these are posted in the Member Query Library on the LGMS member centre.

Items recently posted to the library include:  

  • Cover for personal injury or property damage on council-controlled roads, footpath and other places arising from the action or inaction of another user 

  • Casual hirers liability cover for a private event 

  • How liability attaches to the party responsible rather than land where it arises 

  • General liability and coverage advice on contracts/agreements 

  • Contractual indemnities, differences between interests noted, interested party and named insured, joint and several liability, limits of indemnity and liability caps 

  • LGM Liability membership – whose liability is covered? 

  • Community group cover through LCIS 

  • Coverage for stallholders 

  • Right to Information requests related to claims 

  • Information to potential claimants on pursuing claims against council 

  • Repairing hazards subject to claims or potential claims 

If any of these issues are of direct relevance to your council, or should you have a separate query, we’re here to assist. Please contact us at Member Services.